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Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week

Podcast Comedy of the Week
Podcast Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week


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  • The Nether Regions
    Creators of the hit Radio 4 Sci Fi comedy Quanderhorn, Rob Grant (Son of Cliché, Spitting Image, Red Dwarf) and Andrew Marshall (Burkiss Way, Whoops Apocalypse, 2point4children) invite you back for a deeper glimpse into the steaming primordial swamps of their hideously contorted imaginations, known only as The Nether Regions. Trapped with them in the dank basements of their fetid minds are sparkling young talents Helen Cripps, Edward Rowett and Holly Morgan. The Nether Regions is our dystopian present – it’s now, but not now, and then, but now. Not. Past, present and future merge into one writhing tortured tangle, where the Naked Truth climbs out of the window, because Fake News has come home unexpectedly early. Continuing the mirth, mayhem and something else beginning with M of the highly acclaimed pilot show. Scream in terror. Then listen to the show. Then scream in terror again, as you witness: Germany’s most efficient fast food sausage establishment The recently rediscovered classic, Jane Austen’s Love Island Thinking dogs for the stupid The tortured souls who are addicted to being Alan Bennett. These and other mind-munching experiences await the unwary listener. Make sure you book a return ticket. Created and Written by Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall Performed by Rob Grant, Andrew Marshall, Helen Cripps, Edward Rowett and Holly Morgan Studio Engineered and Edited by Jerry Peal Original Music Composed by Pete Baikie Programme Managed by Sarah Tombling Recorded at The Shaw Theatre, London Produced and Directed by Gordon Kennedy, Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4
  • Now You're Asking with Marian Keyes and Tara Flynn
    In this week’s instalment, Marian and Tara tackle a badly-dressed boyfriend, a weighted blanket, the problem with noisy eaters and much more. Marian Keyes is a multi award-winning writer, with a total of over 30 million of her books sold to date in 33 languages. Her close friend Tara Flynn is an actress, comedian and writer. Together, these two friends have been through a lot, and now want to use their considerable life experience to help solve your biggest - and smallest - of their listeners' problems. From dilemmas about life, love and grief, to the perils of laundry or knowing what to say at a boring dinner, we’ll find out what Marian and Tara would recommend…which might not solve the problem exactly, but will make us all feel a bit better. Recorded in Dublin with emails received from listeners around the world, the hosts invite you to pull up a chair at their virtual kitchen table as they read and digest their inbox. Got a problem you want Marian and Tara to solve? Email: [email protected] Producer: Steve Doherty. A Giddy Goat production for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds
  • Bunk Bed
    Patrick Marber and Peter Curran escape from the hurly-burly of the day into their nearest faraway place - the Bunk Bed. Recorded in the dark and on beds, this is the perfect place for letting thoughts to drift without rhyme or reason. This time, after a top bunk malfunction, they are forced to snuggle up together in the same bed. Socks with 12 hours of wear on them, uncut toenails and grinding all bring conflict. Eventually, we hear the strange voice of science fiction pioneer HG Wells from a 1934 BBC broadcast that spookily sums up society today. This leads naturally to a discussion of national pride, Seamus Heaney, and the male orgasm. Occasional sleepover guests for this series will include star of The Simpsons and This Is Spinal Tap, Harry Shearer, actor Jane Horrocks, cook and presenter Andi Oliver, and director Sir Richard Eyre. Producer: Peter Curran A Foghorn production for BBC Radio 4
  • Sandi Toksvig's Hygge
    Joining Sandi Toksvig in her cosy log cabin today is Channel 4 news anchor and reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Over a mug of warm spiced wine they explore the concept of Hygge and talk about Australian Christmasses, escaping the news, playing music and who he likes to wake up with every morning. Starring... Sandi Toksvig Guest...Krishnan Guru-Murthy Additional material...Rajiv Karia and Tasha Dhanraj Producer...Julia McKenzie Production coordinator...Katie Baum A BBC Studios Production
  • The Tim Vine Chat Show: Christmas Special 2021
    Tim pulls a cracker with the Great British Public and delivers a sleigh full of Christmas one-liners in this, the festive radio treat that features interviews with the audience as well as Tim’s world famous one-liners and songs. Featuring guests with fascinating Christmas stories like Terry the wood-seller as well as some musical Yuletide advice about Christmas dinner. Tim also sets a fiendish challenge to see how many dressing gowns you can remember. Producer: Richard Morris Production co-ordinator: Sarah Nicholls A BBC Studios Production

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