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Car Talk

Podcast Car Talk
Podcast Car Talk

Car Talk


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  • #2206: Click and Clack's 40 Weight Cleanse
    Most of us have had that family member who went off the deep end with some cockamamie diet or exercise or other 'miracle cure' for something. But the health and wellness industry has nothing on the world of automotive miracle cures. Stu from Maryland may be inadvertently on to something thanks to a recent maintenance mix-up on his Nissan. Find out what on this episode of The Best of Car Talk!
  • #2205: The Hitchhiker Test
    Reggie from South Carolina noticed an odor coming from her car's air conditioning that smelled suspiciously like the stink of the kids in her car pool. Will the dealer's remedy for the problem work or will the ac and the kids continue to duke it out for 'stink supremacy' until one of them wins, Reggie perishes or both? Find out on this episode of The Best of Car Talk!
  • #2204: Na-nu Na-nu THIS!
    Vacation is tough work! Especially if you're an academic like Tom and you have a hard time keeping all of your holidays, Spring Breaks and Sabbaticals straight. Following several weeks of time off from sweating over a hot microphone the boys are back and ready to dispense more questionable car advice.
  • #2203: Sonja Henie's Tutu!
    A lot of listeners want to know where Tom and Ray latched onto phrases like 'Don't drive like my Brother!' or 'No matter what it is, it's gonna cost you $200, if that's what it is.' Well ok, very few listeners actually asked, but the puzzler's still on vacation and there's a lot of air time to fill, alright? Enjoy this week's offering from the 'Car Talk Folklore Dissemination Division': "Sonja Henie's Tutu!'

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